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    Skyport® Protocol

    Press Release

    Elinchrom Opens Up its Skyport® Protocol To Third Parties.

    Elinchrom announces that the Skyport® Protocol will not be exclusive to their own products anymore.

    What is Skyport

    Ten years ago, Elinchrom introduced a revolutionary wireless solution for flash units.

    The EL-Sykport system is based on 2.4 GHz transmission and enables simple triggering making sync cords a thing of the past.

    It was also the first solution to enable wireless remote control of features, such as flash power and on/off of modelling lamp. Quickly, the EL-Skyport became a formidable tool that inspired many companies.

    Today, the EL-Skyport is a trademark for reliability and is used by many photographers in the World.

    Why Open the Protocol

    Elinchrom sees the need for photographers for a common standard.

    With everyone creating their own specific wireless solution, barriers have prevented cross-branding for photographers who own different lighting brands.

    By opening the EL-Skyport to third parties, Elinchrom wishes to come closer to establishing a new standard for communication in the lighting industry.

    EL-Skyport will now be known as

    "Skyport® Protocol"*.

    Why Skyport

    For photographers, Skyport® makes it simple, as photographers trigger seamlessly and control most unit settings from their transmitters.

    Recently, Elinchrom also added the Hi-Sync functionality that extended creativity up to a 1/8000s and future popular functionalities will soon be incorporated.

    For videographers, Skyport® is an asset. Lights can be remotely turned on and off and controlled in groups from a distance of up to 200 meters (656’).


    The first companies to integrate the Skyport® Protocol in their products were Gossen with their flash meter Digisky and Sekonic with the L-478DR-EL and the newly introduced L-858D light meters.

    Others will follow.

    Learn more about these companies.



    *Skyport® is a registered trademark of Elinchrom LTD